Few years back, I picked the DSLR. My intention was bright and clear — be the star! I was sure I will make as many friends as one could imagine, and if I am lucky, might get a girlfriend.

I was in luck; luckily, I was fortunate enough to get all of those.

Although, the most fortunate part of it was that I was able to discover a side of myself that I never knew existed. I was able to dig though a version of mine that is passionate and had a burning ambition.

I realised where my passion lied. And gradually, my priority shifted to pick the DSLR for good.

Initially, I posted all the cliched pics — a cup of tea, clouds, friends hanging out together.

Then I was struck with some fellow individuals. Some of them used the opportunity to unravel the poverty of our country, something that eludes the general media. A lot of people are living under below poverty line, and unfortunately, our mainstream entertainment outlets omits them in their movies.

Some opted to portray environmental beauty. Animal photography was equally hyped but all of them were extremely cliched.

I wanted to pick a category where I can find my own identity.

I started with automobile photography, but it didn’t bring me peace.

Something like clicking images of war and outright riots would have been too ambitious and my parents would have allowed. They would have seen as something highly risk taking. I could have argued with appropriate retorts but one way or another they would have convinced me otherwise.

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As we become acquainted with our professional ethics, we realise there is so much to achieve. At one point we realise our limitations. We also realise that no matter how small our work is we can still bring a revolution at our scale.

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