The world wouldn’t have been the same if these two legends didn’t have come ahead.

They revolutionized the world and inspired millions to follow them. They serve as the perfect role model for every budding entrepreneur.

Though, one might often cross this question in their mind — who is the fairest of them all?

In my opinion, both of them are legends in their own way.

They taught us the value of taking risks and carved the path of innovation.

Though, they had some differences in their beliefs and approach.


Steve Jobs had a vision to create an innovative and interactive technology that people use on a regular basis like mobile devices and personal computers.

His products somehow based around creating insane profit.

He had a way to motivate and inspire people to follow him. He gave some of the most heartwarming speeches.

Elon Musk has the vision of a child — explore space, make underground tracks, electric cars…and yeah, also save humanity from a possible extinction.

Elon is spending all his money on projects that might not profit him but the humanity is going to earn a huge profit. His project to develop renewable resources is going to come handy after few years.

Technical expert

Steve Jobs was not a technical expert in his field.

His primary ability was to influence people through his words and inspire people.

He was a great leader; he took some of the most risky decisions that helped Apple to become one of the most financial successful companies of the world, even after he passed away.

Elon Musk knows the technical details of his projects.

He works 100 hours per week. He takes active part in designing his rockets.

He is somewhat an inferior speaker compared to Steve Jobs. Elon is not trying to convince the world to buy his product; he is aiming to make the world a better place.

Impact on the world

Steve Jobs made the world as it is today. He revolutionized the idea of personal computers.

His interactive and innovative designs helped to shorten the gap between the human and the people.

His idea and model inspired the tech-business individuals.

His products became a staple to showcase your status. Every kid who owns an Iphone knows about Steve Jobs.

His death was a shocking event all across the globe.

Elon Musk aims at building a world where he tried to solve some of the basic problems every human being faces.

Paypal was a hugely successful product.

Though, most of other projects are still under development.

He has the blueprints and he is working hard to turn his vision into reality.

Many young entrepreneurs still do not know about him.

His products and projects are yet to be known.

Impact on the market

Steve Jobs was a successful visionary; he crafted the perfect products that were ahead of time. Thus, the innovation successfully grabbed the attention of the customers and hence their money.

The Apple products may not deliver as much as they cost but they deliver the best services among all the products made by other companies.

Every new Apple product is launched with much hype and speculations.

Elon Musk aims at building better quality of life.

He invested everything on his space explorations and electric car projects. It may not give him as much as he invested, but he is adamant on his vision to create a better quality of life.

He believed that other companies would follow his vision but so far not many companies have come ahead to join them.

He is still not losing hopes.

Company without them

Steve Jobs created the impact when he was alive.

His vision was widely accepted once his products were accepted and met critical acclaim.

His company continued to grow even after his death; many say that the company’s innovation died with him, but it is not true.

Elon Musk carries a unique vision that is the sole heart of his company.

It needs to have a firm belief and a highly imaginative mind; not everyone can do so.

His company may continue to grow even after his absence but might lose the creative edge that pushed the whole company.

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