Business idea that will be popular in future

  1. Internet services

As internet is quickly becoming an irreplaceable need, especially amidst the pandemic, it is making profit exponentially.

After the entry of giants like Jio in the market, it is becoming a popular venture.

Even Elon Musk, the richest man on earth, owns a project (Starlink) that uses laser to transmit data. It is believed to have much higher speed.

Nasa is said to have tested where the speed was 250 mbps.

It might solve the problem that arises during video conferences.

Telecommunication is evolving at a faster rate.

2. Transportation

The railway is getting privatization.

This means there could be many more new technologies and comfort integrated into the services.

Not to forget, the rise of IOT in the past few years.

IOT has severely fueled the development of vehicles in the last few years.

It has made our journey much more secure and easier to travel, with minimal risks and increased security.

3. Real estate/architecture

The population has posed severe issues regarding food and accommodations. Providing homes stays a serious concern to the government.

Many countries are building homes in a way to accommodate as many people with minimal cost.

This is where architecture and engineering magic comes to picture — make the whole agenda long lasting.

4. Bionics

Maybe the most engineering demanding name on the list — it not only requires deep knowledge of mechanical/electronics engineering but medicine and human body as well.

It is not hidden from anyone how robots are deemed to be our future sooner or later.

We have seen the countless possibilities in movies and television, and even though there are concerns, it cannot be rules out that they are important for the overall growth of the humanity.

It might restore the way a lot of individuals are living right now.

Perfecting is merely fraction of the problem — real issue is to make it affordable.

Not every individual who met an unfortunate event can pay the bills.

5. Drones

Drones are suggested vigorously to support surveillance and delivering jobs.

How will they affect economy is yet to be seen but they are probably going to change the landscape drastically!

Their impact on the social and political mindset could be a revolution to be seen.

It is true that not every landscape can support the idea equally, but if they do reach the expectation that were set initially, they could be the sole reason certain landscapes would be developed in a way for drones to function properly.