1. Internet services

As internet is quickly becoming an irreplaceable need, especially amidst the pandemic, it is making profit exponentially.

After the entry of giants like Jio in the market, it is becoming a popular venture.

Even Elon Musk, the richest man on earth, owns a project (Starlink) that uses laser to transmit data. It is believed to have much higher speed.

Nasa is said to have tested where the speed was 250 mbps.

It might solve the problem that arises during video conferences.

Telecommunication is evolving at a faster rate.

2. Transportation

The railway is getting privatization.

This means there…

If you ever pick a history book, you will find how diversely the country has evolved over the last few centuries. It spawns from religion to a detailed dialysis of mathematics and medicine.

Organizing an event can be tiring. It can be very well daunting as well. But it can teach several valuable lessons.

There are several aspects one must look into before organizing an event.

Here are few points you must keep in mind while organizing an event.

  1. Finances

Managing finances is a huge responsibility. It is better to let someone handle it who has previously done it, or has a background with managing money.

Pro tip: You will always end up spending much more than you’d actually planned.

A lot of expenditures that might have appeared miniscule in the beginning, might…

Surveillance might not sound appealing in its first appearance, but in its core, it has several layers. It might remind you of the several movies and tv shows highlighting the evil that lurks behind, but as the criminal activities are rising, it might appear as the necessary evil.

Do we really need it?

In a single word — Yes.

Sounds contracting? — This is the very nature of surveillance that impels our minds and provokes thousand questions.

Here are few points that you should keep in mind before it takes over our daily life.

Security — The very first thought…

Where did we start

Flying Whales initiated as a mean to keep myself occupied; midst of a financial and mental breakdown, I needed something to keep my sanity checked, and make some money in the process. What attracted me about marketing is its dire need to stay creative — You have to come up new, yet effective ideas to put out your products. They need to bind viewers, stay innovative and relevant and do not diverge in the process.

Marketing has evolved in the last few years; Stead of its creative roots, it has developed its reliance on its technical…

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. They have contributed into the world’s economy and history since ages; even in the modern era, they have solidified their reputation more than ever.

The country is known for their electronics, although, their contrition in the field of entertainment is equally immeasurable. Over the last few decades, they not only have popularized video games but have given some of the most well known and narrative structure. They have set a standard for other game developers to follow.

Let’s take a look why their infrastructure works.

1. Ideologies

Japan has been…


How many times have you heard — data is the new oil?

It means as the internet companies are scaling up, the importance of data is surfacing rapidly. Data privacy is becoming a concern, and the data breaches of some of the companies in the recent memories have solidified the concern.

Even stall of few hours may cost millions to a company, and in case of a breach, we are talking about days.

Ask yourself — can you manage to shut your operations for days, or if the condition worsens, weeks?



The internet Wars

With the world relying heavily on internet to store and transfer data, the companies are taking their opportunity to take control over it. The aim is hardly to censor it, rather, the aim is to make it a scalable venture. There are companies that successfully proved it a profitable business model. The main reason lies on how it can serve in various different ways — from entertainment to designing, it has everything for everyone.

Especially, the success led by internet-based companies (SaaS and PaaS models) have shown much more fierce inclination than any other models/ventures.

Over the last few years, we saw heavy increase in the popularity of online gaming.

Part of it can be pointed at the easier access to internet and its prices dropping to accessible rates.

1. Focus on surrounding

FPS games need not to work too much on surroundings, while a large portion of third person games are devoted in designing in the open world territories.

A large part of what makes third person games interesting is the way you interact with the world and the freedom you have. That could take a huge chunk of your time and effort.

2. Reflexes

FPS is heavily popular for shooting or military games, not limited though. It means you have to design the characters susceptible of quick movements.

Third person definitely needs that but you can make…

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